Transpersonsal Regression Therapy

It is a specialized stream of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy to access and heal past life ( this life – childhood traumas ,intra uterine life ,and previous lives ) to heal the blockages , limitations coming from across time and space impacting here and now in your present life situations ,health ,relationships and repetitive behavior pattern THROUGH a unique simple and quick way of regression

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Regression Therapy deals with spirit-soul-mind-body interconnect and helps in

  • Personal growth
  • Emotion Management
  • Professional growth by way of confidence, motivation, stellar performance and goal-setting
  • Promoting Harmonious Relationships and last but not the least
  • In Diverse Medical Conditions -ranging from headaches, to cancers, skin disorders, allergies etc as well as psychiatric disorders

With her medical background, in depth study in metaphysics weaving her Intuitive skills and integrative abilities she has been facilitator for healing diverse conditions from personality development s, relationship counseling, Psychosomatic diseases to psychiatric disorders even in the Adults.

People speak about their experiences


I am doing fine and want to share something as I told you I have spina byfida my L4 and S1 is affected due to which I had to suffer from sciatica pain and this area was always swollen and even slight touch was unbearable. I had prickling pain never felt my spine there. I never ever slept straight due to that pain. Tried every medicine, therapy and massages but never got relief Doctors also announced that nothing could be done and you have to live with it and I started living with it. Though when I used to do yoga I felt some relaxation in that area swelling was reduced but never disappeared and never felt my that area enough strong!! But amazingly since two months that nerve swelling has disappeared. I can touch that area and now can feel my spine (vertebrae) there for the first time in my life. I was suppose to tell you this 2 months ago, when first time I noticed, I was lying straight in bed and as always with precaution I turned my body to one side and got up and then went in kitchen to make tea this time I was taking support of the marble berth and suddenly I realized I will get hurt but this time didn't feel prickling pain and all of sudden as I touched there for the first time I felt no pain only could felt my spine. MIRACLE HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!! My sciatica pain is very very less now! Sorry to tell you after two months as I was wondering is it true or not, is it permanent or not? MAY GOD BLESS YOU Its first time in my life I sleep during night all alone, even if I get up its for some seconds and again go back to sleep Though they now haunt me less but still I travel in their world lot many things go on. Though I am alone but don't have so much fear as early since childhood I had and getting all that I wanted since long, healings which I never heard about they are all coming my way on their own and doing that I feel yes I wanted it. Enjoying my space living single! but it would have not been possible without your guidance and blessings! and having lots of hope, now I want to live...

P.D, Yoga Instructor

I had constant burning sensation in stomach had issues related to food and weight Through couple of sessions I got few answers to issues I had never thought were related. It was an eye opener and I felt at peace with few things. Constant burning sensation in my stomach has since resolved though the weight issue is still not gone.

A.S., Pilot

Hello Mam, Wishing you happy Guru Poornima, I have completed my 2 levels of CHII with Dr.Ameeta, my experience with her has been very special, simple, disciplined and clear in her approach, her passion and dedication towards her work can be witnessed in her classes, very good command on English vocabulary, makes the subject very simple to understand, always makes sure her students are actively participating in sessions, even tho there is time limit of class but she makes sure all our queries are answered, takes good care during classes we are not left hungry, always available even after classes to help us practice and keeping us update, there is so much to learn from her knowledge, experience and positivity, it is never enough and always a desire to learn more from Dr. Ameeta, a true guru……… I have been suffering from asthma (ige) since 7 years, in my second level of hypnosis words of Dr.Ameeta “I can choose to work on the issue” and she gave that space I can come to her and work it out, My journey throughout the process was amazing, In a amazing 4 hour journey, Dr.Ameeta worked on my inner child, helping me vent out some memories, and in that journey I was looking for solution for my asthma, but many other issues got resolved, my back bending, weight issue, depression and feeling light on my lungs, very patiently I was taken through the journey, Just one powerful session has helped me a lot, today asthma is no more issue with me, feeling light happy and free…….. Thank You Dr.Ameeta it means a lot to breathe normal ………….Thank You I have also learned Access Bars with Dr. Ameeta, fun filled class with very interesting facts with simple techniques, but very powerful impact, with Dr.Ameeta Access Bar is a subject to enjoy and learn…..the best part is learning from her, there so much of information and knowledge that is shared to us even after the class is over, A very dedicated teacher ………………. Thank You Mam for being my teacher, and I could be part of your teachings

Winifred Sequeira, M.D. Gynaec & Tarot reader