What is Homoeopathy?

It is Individual centric (not Symptom Centric) scientific system of medicine based on Modern principles of Nano pharmacology.

It treats the Individual ( spirit mind and body ) as a whole along with the disease symptons.

It believes in healing any Disease In the shortest gentlest and most harmless ways based on the principle of Like cures like– SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR


  • Person at a WHOLE STARTS FEELING BETTER (emotionally ,mentally ,physically) along with the freedom from the disease symptons; and NOT JUST MERELY REMOVAL OF SYMPTONS or suppression of symptons.
  • Truly holistic as person is RESTORED TO EASE and STATE OF WELL BEING and in a better space to live his day to day life with EASE CLARITY AND FREEDOM.
  • HARMLESS as the nature of medicine is such it works on the Vital energy of the person And HARMONIZES WITH THE ENERGY WITHIN to RESTORE HOMOEOSTASIS.
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS or no untoward unexpected aggravation.
  • It is a MYTH that homoeopathy treatment brings out old stuff which is in rare situations and And makes way for deeper healing.
  • GENTLE HEALING as no harsh measures are supplemented ,medicines are easily palatable and with hardly any dietary restrictions while person continues with his day to day life easily
  • RAPID as compared to prevalent MYTH of slow acting medicines
  • There is scope of bringing Closure of homoeopathic treatment at a suitable time once the person is better at all levels as and when recommended by the homeopathic physician
  • As compared to other modes of treatment which recommend life long medications in several chronic conditions.
  • Last but not least – LONG LASTING EFFECT of HEALING and hardly relapse or recurrence of the disease symptoms.

EFFECTIVE in most of the DISEASE ranging from

  • ACUTE (few days old likes of fever ,infections ,aches and pains ,injuries) ; to CHRONIC (infections, Allergies, autoimmune disorders , Hormonal disturbances ,lifestyle Disorders likes of diabetes , hypertension, etc)
  • CHRONIC PAINFUL conditions (likes of migraine , cervical spondylytis ,arthritis, etc.)
  • TUMORS – benign and malignant -Cancers of diverse kinds, PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDERS (irritable bowel syndrome, acidity, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS – depression, anxiety neurosis, fears, bipolar disorders schizophrenia, etc.

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People speak about their experiences

Skin Disorders

Acne Rosacea

I had acne since the age of 9. After my treatment begun, I could see the results within 2 weeks and surprisingly, my face went absolutely clear after 3 months. I'm 15 at present and by gods grace, I no longer receive any troubles from my skin. Along with that, I have been able to maintain a calm state of mind after my course ended. A big thank you to Dr.Ameeta for my quick and magical recovery.

Miss D.S (student)
Allergies on skin - urticaria

I had come with chronic long standing Urticaria and was put on anti Histamine injections and with homoeopathic treatment from Dr Ameeta within a week’s time I was off antihistamine injections and in a 15 days time weaned off slowly with allergic tablets after that in last 8-9 years I haven’t developed urticaria to that intensity .Once in a while following consumption of some food item I develop rash and it gets better within 2 days of homeopathic treatment .I am also much peace with my family situation and coping up with pressures at office and home much more comfortably and ease. Thanks Dr Ameeta for your treatment.

Mr.A.S (officer in government Services)
Psychosomatic condition on skin -Lichen planus

I was diagnosed with Lichen planus in 2003 and I started taking allopathy treatment for 2 years but nothing happened whenever I stopped taking treatment thy use to come back.. There were red lichens on my whole body with hand and legs worst affected.. Slowly slowly I came to know it’s all cause of a mental stress which I going through at that time.. I got bored of that allopathy treatment and stopped taking tablets (steroids) 2005 2006 I dint take any treatment then I started finding more about the lichen planus on internet and found that Homoeopathy has a very good record of treating lichen planus. I started taking Homoeopathy treatment in 2007 and it took me more than an year to get healed or get rid from lichen planus it was totally gone from my body only light patches were there but they also disappeared slowly don’t remember the exact year but I think it took 1 & half year. Homoeopathy is a very good treatment for healing illness & disorders. I still recommend everyone to go for Homoeopathy treatment. I'm really thankful to u Dr.Ameeta. It all happened because of you and got cured from that illness completely.. Homoeopathy not only helped me to get healed externally but also internally I also remember the numerous counseling sessions we gone through and also the mind healing exercises we did it all helped me of getting rid of that.. When I came to u for treatment I was full of negativity when I got cured I was a changed person. U helped me to come out from all those difficulties. Am really very thankful to U.

V.W (film editor)

Digestive disorders

I am old patient of Dr.Ameeta and believing in Homoeopathy Medicine had a wonderful experience in Flower Remedies Treatment. It truly works not only on inner self but mind and soul also that too deeply. Previously I used to live in lot of stress and had a phobia of fear. Flower Remedies on timely basis worked not only in overcoming fear but also made me strong and a peaceful person without reacting on small things. I started to be at ease and worry less. Basically, Flower Remedies helped me in controlling my mind and nature in all situations. I even had Chronic Sinusitis that Homoeopathy Medicine helped me in curing it completely and made me free from it now. Today, I thank Dr.Ameeta for helping me to be a better person and giving me a healthy life.

U.S. Home Maker

I had been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and homoeopathic medicines from Dr Ameeta helped me to be completely free within month and half of the treatment started , while I was suffering from more than 10 years .

S.S., Physiotherapy

I am an old patient of Dr.Ameeta and believe in Homoeopathy Medicine more and suits my body the most. Since childhood having a history of Chronic Constipation and Acidity in my growing years, Dr.Ameeta helped me a lot. My acidity problem has almost finished. But Flower Remedies Treatment is something that made me crazy and a complete believer. It worked psychologically in overcoming my nature which tends to be in full of thoughts at time. It gave me positivity, inner peace and clarity in my decisions, the most helpful in my Job and at my workplace and personal relations too. I thank Dr.Ameeta for treating me on Flower Remedies Treatment and I tell all the ages of people to have faith in this treatment and see the transformation in yourself right in present.

J.S. (Fitness Trainer)



I female of 48 years suffering from chickungunya around 6-7 months ago .I was under medication consisting of analgesics and chloroquine .I started taking homeopathic medicine from Dr Ameeta Thacker around 3-4 months ago.I continued the pain killers in the beginning .there was much relief. Slowly I was able to reduce the dosage of the pain killers and finally stopped taking them.I am still continuing with the homoeopathic medicines .It is helping me lot in getting relief from the long lasting effects of chikungunya.

A.P, Paramedical Professional

Behavioural disorders


My son around 10year had extreme aggression ,sibling rivalry ,hatred towards his grandparents and quite a rude attitude with friends and relatives . He was completely changed boy in a week -15 days time and first time I could see the softness and caring attitude towards me and others. While his medicine was continued for behavioral issues he developed ear infection (with lots of pus discharge) which also got treated with homeopathic medicine.

Child name YC (student std 8th)
Bed Wetting

I had bedwetting issue till the age of 14 years and accompanied w with behavioral issues – lack of confidence ,insecurity and anger issues. My bedwetting stopped completely in the first week of treatment and all other emotional issues are resolved and I am independent confident now ,pursuing with higher education in college

D.K Student – Interior designing

Respiratory disorder


I had asthma since the age of 4, which got severe as I grew up. I used to take heavy dose inhaler every night before sleeping. I took Homoeopathy medicine from Dr. Ameeta Thacker along with some spiritual healing. In around 2 years my asthma got cured about 98%. I say 98 % because I get mild attacks that to very rarely i.e. 2 or 3 times in a year but I don't have to use the inhaler. Other than this I also could find out what habits were stopping my progress in life, which things should be left alone and one should move ahead with ease. Since the treatment i.e. around 4 years I have been a very confident and healthy person I was always worried that my asthma problem will pass on to my children as my cousin's son also inherited it from my cousin. When my asthma was cured I had completed almost six years of my marriage. We got a baby boy through ivf treatment. Thanks to god and Dr Ameeta my child is 3.5 years old and has no signs of asthma. He is as healthy as any other child.

M.C Charted Accountant

By taking your medicine I feel something good I get positivity .I had severe Sinusitis which easily got cured by your medication and advice s. I restarted my treatment for mood changes and hormonal imbalance around menopause time which is also much under control. I have grown into a very confident assertive person from someone who has been suffering from complex and lot many fears and insecurities . Also I had brought my son (14 year old ) with bedwetting issue which got cured in a week’s time and after that it has never occurred . He is now 22 years and on his way to being a professional . Homoeopathy is the best solution to cure any ailment ! thanks for the treatment.

C.K Home maker
Chronic allergic cough

Hello. I am glad to tell that I have seen the miracle caused by Homoeopathy. my mother in law was suffering from chronic asthma , cough n cold since last 25years. She had severe attack of same in Feb 2012. We had consulted the best chest physician n asthma specialist doctor. She was totally dependent on steroids and inhalers for 3 months then we consulted Dr Ameeta Thacker she took her detailed history n started her treatment. Within a year and half she got total relief from all her troubles and living a healthy life. All the thanks to our doctor n Homoeopathy. this incidence has increased my faith on Homoeopathy

N.T, Homemaker

At the age of 2 years and now she is 18 years hardly had any prolonged illness following bronchitis treatment . More or less in good health and grown as a confident cheerful person

A.K Studying C.A

Autoimmune Disorders


I was suffering from extensive psoriasis in my hand and feet .I took treatment from renowned skin specialist Of Mumbai but of no effect. Then I went to Dr Ameeta for homoeopathy treatment and started her treatment .It took me few years but she got me cured of psoriasis. Now I am fully recovered from psoriasis thanks to her .

V.B (retired businessman)
ALOPECIA AREATA - partial baldness

Imagine you are stuck in situation or you are finding hard to find an answer. ..you just cannot IDENTIFY  light of hope…where do you go … ? Yes it Dr. Ameeta. I have been knowing and patient of Dr. Ameeta for more than a decade.  I would say she  is not only good at treating patient through Homeopath  but brings her years of practical experience with Soul Mind and body healing which empowers you to be more self-driven related to internal curing and healing which has definitely benefited me in different walks of my life be it professional or personal. Also I had attended session related to Access Consciousness where Dr.Ameeta was facilitator and had great experience . Again thank you Dr. Ameeta for been more approachable and appreciate your sincere time and efforts which help me to identify unlimited potential which we already have and could create world of possibilities.

Hormonal Disorders


I am 36 yrs and was a patient of pcod and thyroid. In 2007 a friend of mine recommended me to start Homoeopathy medicine. I met Dr. Ameeta Thacker and shared my entire history, the medicine not only help in stabilizing but also curing and helped in conceiving. Now I am not suffering neither with pcod nor thyroid

N.K Corporate executive ,M.B.A