What is Conscious Nurturing?

Conscious Nurturing is Being Consciously Aware of “How and What goes in Influencing the Nature of the child and his/her Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical development in the later years”. It is Consciously becoming aware of one’s CONTRIBUTION as a parent, grandparent, teacher, guardian and caretaker in the HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT of your child/children.

Why the Need for Conscious Nurturing?

Survey conducted by the Psychiatrist and Neurobiologist Daniel Siegel (UCLA Medical College, California) brings out how ‘our interactions’ shape our emotional habits and sculpt the brain. These neural patterns which are first set in childhood; have an enormous importance for how we do as parents, lovers later in life. Experience shapes Brain Structure.

His studies states:“How we treat our children changes who they are and how they develop .Their brain needs parental involvement .Nature Needs Nurture”. Happy and secure childhood is a strong foundation for overall growth and Development in the adult life and largely influences adult’s personality, health and social standing in his/her life.

“Every Parent/Nurturer has been a child before and every Child Grows into a Unique Being ; together Child -Nurturer unit goes into making the world the way it is….!!!”



  • Nurturing and Laying the Foundation for the Inborn Nature of Child (CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION & CONSCIOUS PREGNANCY) for Would be parents
  • Understanding Parent-child unit, Teacher-child unit or Nurturer-child unit and its implications
  • Processes and techniques to Enjoy the Empowered and Conscious Nurturing
  • Understanding Karmic connections with your child
  • Overview of Psychological Milestones and timely intervention tips through Conscious Nurturing
  • Recognizing ways of building a strong secure bond with your child
  • The New Age Children
  • Dealing with certain common difficult conditions of the children likes of ADHD,LD etc.
  • Non conventional New age processes to contribute to holistic development of the child

People speak about their experiences

I attended 'Conceptualizing Conception' workshop and Dr.Ameeta has been hugely influential in transforming me into an "aware parent."

LN (home maker and entrepreneur)

Dr.Ameeta's work in “Creating the perfect child through perfecting the parents" has helped many parents and aspiring parents conceptualize and plan their parenthood...

Dr. S.N M.D (Consulting Psychiatrist)

I was fortunate enough to attend Dr Ameeta's Parenting workshop(held in ahmedabad). It opened many new things. Her knowledge and depth on subject is incredible. She covera all the dimensions how to relate with children. This gives new meaning to parenting which is not just upbringing child but more of that how to relate and be communion with ur child. A worth attending class for all parents..:)

B.V ,Ahmedabad (Ananda Healing centre)

Ameeta is passionate about children. Her workshop on Conscious Nurturing bears that out very clearly. After almost 50 years as a research scientist in the US, I have recently spent about 3 years with the education system in India. I agree with Ameeta that the need of the hour in India is to make parents aware of the importance of nurturing rather than disciplining children. I wish Ameeta great success in her work for the good of the children and the society at large.