Our Philosophy

Scientific Correlation

It is based on new emerging field of Psycho –Neuro- Endocrine Immunology and Neurosciences ( consciousness–soul- spirit -mind-body link )practiced independently or in complementary to any system of treatment.

Individual as an ‘Indivisible unit’

We are not just our bodies and we exist in “ one and whole unit ” at different levels of our Existence i.e body , chakras ,emotions thoughts and further subtler dimensions of Soul and Consciousness so to say in its true essence .

About Health

Health is a state of well being at all levels physical , mental ,emotional, social, spiritual (with reference to World Health organization definition) being in whole and oneness –at ease and harmony. It is state of ‘not just absence but freedom from dis-ease’ at any level of existence. It is state of being in harmonious existence with our body mind and soul as much as with the outer world. The Indian(hindi) translation of Health is ‘Swasthaya’ means ‘swayam main stheeth’ to be centred in one’s core Self.


Our Body speaks what our Minds can’t speak… While our Mind is complex unique entity as many a times it takes away from what we truly are at the Source of our Existence and rather becomes a limitation for us There is vital force or the Source of our Existence in each one of us which we call as Soul or spirit which animates, embodies and enlivens our Existence.
Our existence is at the subtlest level – i.e Soul – 'I am the Consciousness' (aham brahamasmi) knows it all that can keep us at EASE and HARMONY within and out.

It has an Awareness of all that we require to not only to HEAL our suffering in our bodies and our outer reality (relationships ,wealth and work etc) but to keep us alive and abundant in every aspect of our life. Each one of us is woven in their Individual Unique fabric of soul-mind-body.

Our body speaks what our mind cannot since there is an inseparable connection between the Mind and the Body ; they being the two sides of the same coin.

About disease

When they are not in harmony and we address one i.e. only the mind or just the body symptoms but not the other, the state of of Dis-ease and Dis-tress linger and recur in different forms, depleting our quality of life ; taking away the Ease ,Peace and Joy of Living . The soul (the source within) knows it all and has the awareness to resolve all that ; while the challenge is to silence the Mind.

The emerging fields of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino Immunology and Neuroscience validates the interconnectedness between consciousness- mind and body and its impact on day to day living .

Energy Beings

Each one of us Human being is fundamentally at the core ‘an energy being’. Each one is power house of infinite potential and has innate knowledge not just of their life plan but as much innate intelligence to repair, restore and recreate themselves and live in harmony. The challenge remains to ‘access that source’ within us - The source within is the space of Awareness – pure Consciousness.

Conscious Living & Creating Life

Conscious Living through ever expanding Awareness can have deep impact on each area of our lives - health, relationships, finances, parenting and personal evolution.

At Soul MinD MagicK we believe Each one is creating their life situations. It is when one is “unaware” that they make choices which are limiting, detrimental and disastrous to their own life and living. Then one falls prey to diseases at the level of body and mind, while some keep remaining stuck in their repetitive patterns and programs vis-a vis relationships, finances, career, etc.

" Soul Mind Magick, Is an endeavor - a sacred healing space - a centre for all those who are looking to be healed in a true sense with or without the use of any medicines as well as Choosing to Create a life that they truly desire!