Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

enables one to access the depth and the power of our subconscious mind as well as conscious mind to gain insights and awareness of our challenges in day to day life situations at all levels.

It involves techniques and processes likes of

  • Placing Positive suggestions for different situations
  • Emotional freedom technique
  • Hypnodrama & Cord cutting for Conflicting relationships
  • Age Regression Therapy
  • Inner child healing
  • Void identification therapy
  • Core issue resolution
  • Past life regression
  • Foreign Energies & energy attachments release /Talk to Entities
  • Therapies for conquering fears and phobias
  • Pain management
  • Allergies
  • Cessation of habits and Substance abuse disorders like alcoholism, smoking , psychotropic drugs , medical drugs like painkillers
  • Eating disorders
  • Passive aggression and other behavorial disorders
  • Guided Imagery
  • Organ regeneration for diseased organs

1. Inner Child healing

Childhood experiences are foundation of one's personality, health and vitality including financial well being. This therapy helps to set free the "INNER (traumatised) CHILD" and brings in joy and vitality in every aspect of life.

2. Relationship

Relationship Counselling for all age groups and conditions -

  • ~Marital
  • ~Partners
  • ~Parent -Children
  • ~Single and
  • ~Finances too

3. Pain (emotional / physical) management

PAIN is Body's response to PAY ATTENTION IN NEED to bring POSITIVE ATTITUDE in NEGATIVE SITUATIONS. Wide range of Therapies using hypnosis & allied process enables to FREE the PAIN and PARADIGM SHIFT!

4. Fear/ Anger management


5. Psychosomatic Diseases

More than 95% of prevalent diseases are PSYCHOSOMATIC. There is emotional & mental component to all physical body ailments. BODY SPEAKS what MIND CAN'T.
Hypnotherapy/Regression therapy heals MIND BODY

6. Psychiatric Disorders

Homeopathy, Bach flowers, Hypnotherapy, Access Bars Treats depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, personality disorders, schizophrenia & many such disorders with mental & emotional disturbance.

7. Addiction/ Habit disorders

Habit/addiction keeps you STUCK in YOUR COMFORT ZONE and makes you DEPENDENT.


People speak about their experiences


It was no longer mere a clinic for me when I stepped down from the door, but a promised land where I gotta know how to rejuvenate oneself

Amit, Chartered Accountant

I was looking to learn hypnotherapy some years back. One of my friends who had learnt the same from her suggested that I take the class from Dr Ameeta Thacker. It was a great experience to learn it from Dr Ameeta as she made an extra effort to clarify all our doubts and taught us in great detail and depth. Following this I wanted to go through Hypnotherapy myself for I was facing a few problem myself: I used to have a severe pain in my right leg once again Dr Ameeta helped me a lot. She used her experience and skills which helped me heal this issue. I came to know the emotional cause for the same through the therapy which helped me overcome the same. I am truly grateful to her for being a teacher as well as a mentor and helping me in my journey. Thanks. Love and Light.

Dr. B J, Homeopath

I, Mr. Trevor Pinheiro was being treated for Lower back pain by, a Homeopath. During my sessions with her, it surfaced that the root problem with me was an “anger control” problem. Homoeopathy Dr then suggested me to see Dr. Ameeta, who she felt would be able to solve my problem. After a lot of coaxing, I did agree to see Dr. Ameeta, but with a lot of apprehension.
My first sitting with Dr. Ameeta was not very beneficial as per my expectations. But, she did put me in a comfort zone which made me look forward to my second sitting. I very clearly remember on the day of my second sitting, I landed up at her clinic with a very stiff and painful neck. As I entered the consulting room she noticed the problem of my neck and gave me a short briefing about self-hypnosis: how it works and how we should love ourselves for it to work. She made me repeat a sentence three times after her about me loving myself and my body. To my astonishment, not only had the pain vanished, but my neck was back to normal. I am not the one to believe in mantras, but believe me this worked just like one.
In the following sittings, which totaled upto 5 sittings in all she took me through a series of questions. I was then asked to put forward my questions which she made sure was answered by me and helped me out to answer my own questions with a series of questions from her. She also made me believe that the answer to every question lies within us.
From the first sitting to the fifth sitting (last sitting), there was a drastic change in my “anger control” to which I am thankful to Dr. Ameeta.

T.P. Entrepreneur

I am a self confessed tough client by all means. Hugely analytical and logical. I went to dr ameeta thakkar to take a chance at removing my fear of driving which i was living with for over 15 years. Not that I was confident that it would work for me but I wanted to give it a try. Dr Ameeta calmly understanding my personality chose a therapy that worked wonders and when I woke up from under hypnosis I was feeling so good about myself I cud not stop smiling.
To test the therapy..I sat to drive after 15 years and viola !!!! NO FEAR !!!! I couldnt have been happier.. thank you Dr.Ameeta.. grateful for ever.

K.S (counselor soft skill trainer)

Hi Dr Ameeta :) your voice has magic.  Just experienced something really wonderful and I'm compelled to share it with even though the timing is odd. I had a heartbreaking fight with Atul around 10.30 pm and started feeling absolutely hopeless and trapped. Couldn't even think what to do next (as the marriage date is coming nearer and nearer) so I just lay calm thinking about what ways have worked for me and what I can do to help myself , i suddenly remembered that I have my cord cuttin session recorded in my phone, and that therapy in class had worked wonders for me. So I decided to use it to do the same with Atul, prepared myself mentally to invite Atul even though the session was for FIL, went ahead with it. The therapy felt intense the mini hypnodrama you conducted in the tunnel was powerful. The cord connecting us was for some reason a dark greasy black cord running across the heart chakras , took a long time and divine help to get rid of it, but in the end it all felt good. After coming out of the session I was feeling good about the final energy exchange and decided to just dwell in the moment for sometime. And an hour later I received a call from him apologizing for his behavior and expressing thoughts n emotions that were discussed and experienced in the tunnel! Sheer magic thank you

M.S., Corporate Executive- HR
FEAR &Phobia

I had suddenly developed severe claustrophobia and it was so bad that me who is a frequent traveler on flight couldn’t get myself to board it without having attacks of claustrophobia as well as in elevators and closed giant wheel was also a problem . I approached Dr Ameeta Thacker for it was my first actual proper session and she dealt with my problem superbly . After 2 months I actually realized in Dubai – “Hey what happened about my Claustrophobia thing .I travelled here and going about all my activities without an attack.That is when I fully recognized that it was gone .Felt so happy that I feel my self free” . Thank you Dr. Ameeta ;it was a job well done in just 1 session and I didn’t have to go back again for the same .Thank you once again.

T.A., Homemaker

I had attended Level 2 class conducted by you in Andheri during the last year (May 2010) During the demo, I opted to be a client for "Fear". My fear was fear of travelling by Plane. Once in the year 1994, when I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai, due to severe turbulence the flight was shaking and falling and even the food plates had fallen and the air hostesses had also lost their balance. Though I had undertaken several flights, from that date there was a fear in my mind and I was very uncomfortable with Plane Journeys and was avoiding such journeys. After you treated me for fear of flying by Planes, during the last year, I have now undertaken about 10 Plane journeys including two journeys abroad. I am using the three times deep breathing technique to calm my mind before entering the Plane as taught by you. Believe me, I am very comfortable in the journey now and there is absolutely no fear. I take this opportunity to thank you for the same. I have now completed all the five levels in July 2010 and got my final certificate also.

M.S Ex VP at a renowned bank & Advocate

Hi Dr. Ameeta, I had come to you for hypnotherapy. I'm pretty sure you do not remember my case, during the regression I 'saw' that I was in the Mahabharat war and was stabbed in the back with a sphere. I just wanted to let you know that my pain in the chest that lasted 6 years prior to the regression never came back again. In fact when I feel "stabbed in the back" say by someone at work, I actually feel that my shirt is wet from blood. So I have tried sending light to the area and visualize healing light on that particular spot on my back and it's ok again.. I am now looking to get trained in this field. I was always a clairvoyant person, and now I see so many past lives. I am now led to believe, that all of this is not just a part of "our consciousness" but something we've experienced at different lifetimes prior to this one, a lot of times on a different dimension altogether.

Dr Vani homoeopath and counselor