About Dr.Ameeta

B.H.M.S., C.Ht
Homoeopath, Int.Cl.Hypnotherapist,
Access Bars Practitioner Therapist ,
Trainer & Life Coach.

Ardent believer in Holistic healing , Soul Mind Body Medicine’ approach to healthcare and proponent of Conscious Living

Dynamic Dedicated Perseverent, Sensitive and Warm Soul Right from childhood she cherished the vision of being a Doctor and contributing towards healing and transforming people’s lives.. She chose to pursue her medical education through Homoeopathy since she always believed in Holistic approach to Healing.
She believes - it’s not ‘the part or the organ of an individual which falls sick’ but it is the Individual on the whole who suffers from sickness.
Hence one needs to treat the ‘Individual’ with the Disease and ‘not just the Disease’ in the Individual.

Her Life journey

Exploring educating and expanding…

Her personal journey and life's experiences inspired her to explore and integrate several forms of alternative therapies.

After more than a decade of practicing classical homoeopathy she recognized there is more beyond the medicine that heals people.

That is when she got connected to in depth study of mind- body link exploring the journey of the soul and consciousness; came across Integrated clinical hypnotherapy and Access Consciousness.

She recognized the impact of ‘soul mind body healing’ and delved deeper into the subject of Integrated clinical Hypnotherapy.

Besides Homoeopathy she started using techniques of Integrated clinical hypnotherapy and Transpersonal regression therapy in diverse range of clinical conditions.

She also enrolled herself in 'Access Consciousness' and its various processes and tools which further gave a cutting edge to therapy session.

Venturing into training space

Further she pursued as a trainer and faculty to the institute of California Hypnosis Institute of India now called as EKAA – the only ISO certified hypnotherapy training institute in India.

Currently she is actively training , mentoring and coaching students from all walks of life in the discipline of Integrated clinical hypnotherapy. And a Facilitator of Access bars classes, & Access Body process for skin, vision, immunity etc as well as facilitates Customized group sessions and Special theme based workshops for Parents, Teachers, Students ,Heart patients and subjects likes of relationships of different kinds

Sharpening the Edge…and Evolution

She has been constantly refining her skills in this field since then and completed the post graduate diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy and Foreign Energy Dynamics, certified by CHII – Tasso Institute of Netherlands. This enables her to facilitate ‘Deep Healing” work with the clients.

Her experience

While besides practicing homoeopathy and Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy ; on the parallel side her interest in these alternative therapies deepened to explore and study the other allied alternative therapies too likes of Theta Healing, Soul healing, Shamanism, Crystal healing, Drawing analysis, Cell regeneration, Psych-K, Family Constellation, and Access Consciousness.

About Inception of her creation: SoulMindMagicK

Having dealt with and practiced several diverse modalities of healing she believes that modalities of healing are like that of Magical wand;

“the true Magic” lies within each individual and the willingness to believe ‘the magic in them’ to create what they desire

She recognized that there is a unique point of balance – Energy Space and Consciousness of Optimal health that reflects as a state of complete well being within each individual; one has to just discover the Art of tapping it.

Each individual has innate healing potential, abilities and capacities that equips them with all that one requires to create a life that they truly desire.

Each one is powerful enough to create the change they are willing to visualize and actualize in their lives.

The key to healing oneself and creating a desirable change lies in “Awareness and Willingness to get better”!

SoulmindMagick is about Holding the space – for Healing Creating & Empowering individuals !

Many a times willingness to get better and go beyond the current reality is intercepted with patterns of past thinking and feeling as well as imposed limitations from environmental influences.

That is when one requires a Space – kind of Healing Space to let go ,undo and discover and re-create the Magic within to bring a change they desire at any level –physical, emotional, mental, social as much as financial.

In her Healing space she is completely focused on the individual’s issues and very skillfully, gently with her discerning senses facilitates Healing and therapy sessions blending the most suitable appropriate healing techniques and therapies.

Her Approach

She integrates her knowledge and experience to facilitate healing session which are specifically Client centric catering to their individual choices ,requirements and their abilities. While working with diverse modalities she has come with her UNIQUE way of addressing individual’s situations and ailment; Integrating it and Customizing them catering to their individual psyche, abilities and inclinations.

Her focus in the approach

She is a natural Counselor and very effortlessly picks up the right cues in communicating and helping them to understand about their problems and place it in perspective. She is full of Positiveness and a Patient listener. Her Non Judgmental attitude has brought her ailing individuals from all walks of life (from underprivileged section to the people with celebrity status,( from an infant to senior citizens) diverse age groups and different strata of society, culture and way of living Her pragmatic and professional approach with a humane touch puts her clients immediately at ease with her.

Her way of living

Conscious living is a way of life for her and spreading consciousness in every area of life is almost like her mission.

Her motto is

Change your Vibrations –Change your life ! Be the magic You are !

Her Clinical Experiences

She beautifully weaves Metaphysical understanding, Intuitive abilities using her Medical knowledge in healing Diverse functional to physical conditions from Personality development, Relationship Counseling to various Medical disorders.

She has been successfully treating:

a) Psychosomatic disorders likes of
Migraine, Irritable Bowel syndrome, Hormonal disturbances vis a vis Thyroid, female reproductive system related to infertility and such in men too ,Acidity, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.

b) Psychiatric conditions of Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Mood disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Phobias, Addiction and Dependency disorders vis-à-vis Smoking, Alcoholic psychotropic drugs, habit disorders etc.

c) Functional Disorders likes of Poor Self Esteem and Confidence, Performance Anxiety in students, professionals etc and such Behavorial and Personality Issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Relationship Conflicts, Marital Conflicts, Financial Strain etc

She has delivered presentation and lectures for various organizations and associations namely:

-Asian Heart Institute
-Indian Medical Association
-Goregaon Medical Association
-Podar jumbo kids – P.I.E.
-Bhaktivedanta school, andheri
-Croma employees
-Rotary organisations in suburbs
-S.N.D.T college, Vile Parle
-Archana Trust, Mumbai

and interviewed by:
-Internationally recognized Astrology magazine ‘Express Star Teller’. -TV9- Mumbai channel regards past life regression therapy. -Robin Age, children’s weekly newsletter.