What is Access Consciousness?

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS is a set of tools and processes designed to access the space of ‘I am the Consciousness’ within .

It facilitates to open oneself to space of Awareness within each one which has insights for everything that is working and not working in the individual life .

It enables one to choose something better in life and create more and better different aspects of life .

It involves the hands on technique the ACCESS BARS with verbal clearings and BODY PROCESS for diverse conditions.

THE ACCESS BARS are 32 points on the head related to

money , body ,sadness, joy ,creativity, communication ,sexuality , hopes and dreams , healing , peace etc. when touched lightly

  • Releases all the limiting points of view around that corresponding point like defragging a hard drive on your computer
  • Making more space and capacity for you to receive and create more in corresponding areas of your life
  • Upgrading your functioning in day to day life where everything works lot easier and smoother

People speak about their experiences

I have also learned Access Bars with Dr. Ameeta, fun filled class with very interesting facts with simple techniques, but very powerful impact, with Dr.Ameeta Access Bar is a subject to enjoy and learn…..the best part is learning from her, there so much of information and knowledge that is shared to us even after the class is over, A very dedicated teacher ………………. Thank You Mam for being my teacher, and I could be part of your teachings.

Winifred Sequeira, M.D. Gynaec & Tarot reader

I had come for the issue of Abundance and taking one session of access bars from Dr Ameeta changes my life totally . I feel new me .Something just shifted

AB Engineer, Entrepeneur

I felt totally relaxed and free from any thing that made me angry and resentful of my past just through a single session of access bars

LR Entrepreneur

After access bar there has been tremendous change in myself. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia tendinosis and thoracic outlet syndrome. All being chronic progressive conditions causing pain in my muscles and not letting me do any day to day work. I being a workaholic a physiotherapist and dietician by profession found it very difficult to accept my painful condition. But access bars loads of positive thinking have completely changed my outlook and thus pain has considerably reduced. Also I can see my patients. How does it get better than that ?

N.K Physiotherapist